Precondition Exercises:

Preconditions Tutorial

Question 1

The function below will update a user’s bank account after making a purchase of a certain number of items. We want to make sure that the user’s bank account is never below $0.00. What specifications can we implement to ensure that the user’s bank account is never negative?

public double bankUpdate(double bankAccount, double price, int n) {
		bankAccount = bankAccount - (price*n);
		return bankAccount;

On the subject of NaN: NaN stands for “not a number” and occurs when a floating point operation has some input that results in an undefined answer. A very common example of this would be trying to divide zero by zero or taking the square root of a negative number. It is helpful to use the isNaN() function from the Java class Double when working with floating points because it will check if the input is a floating point or not a number. isNaN() will return true if the input is not a number, else it will return false.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain more experience writing preconditions
  • Be able to identify preconditions that will prevent errors
  • Be able to identify preconditions that won’t cause a warning in OpenJML but are logically important to the code

Question 2

Given an integer array, write a binary search function, and include any specifications needed to verify the function.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand relationship between pre/postconditions and arrays
  • Introduction to the \forall clause
  • Understand the usefulness of using preconditions to check inputs to the code

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